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Founded in 2008, Community All-Stars the leader in scholastic athletic branding, marketing, and funding with an accredited A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Dedicated to community involvement and student success, we have created a highly effective, win-win system aimed to help alleviate the budget constraints taking place in high school athletics. In a time when programs are being cut left and right, our goal is to help sustain and promote high school athletics. We believe high school sports should remain free to students nationwide. Our services and everything we do is 100% free to high schools nationwide.

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For over 14 years, we have worked directly with High Schools to brand their Athletic Departments and teams as if they were a professional franchise. Through various forms of media we create, we showcase the school and it's athletic teams, which is then distributed throughout the school and the surrounding community. In the process, we bring on the communities most involved local businesses which in turn gives them the valuable exposure to the school, it's students, parents, faculty and the surrounding local community. We are directly contracted by high schools across the country and everything we do for them is 100% free.

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